Cyber Groove AM - Quadrant - Mark S & WKD Join the roster!

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    Cyber Groove AM - Quadrant - Mark S & WKD Join the roster!

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    (Renegade Hardware, UK/1210 Recordings/Cyber Groove)

    Djs Cyanide, Texel and Charly make up this Philly based trio that is going to take the lands of both stateside and international by storm.
    The tracks coming out of the apartment in Philly are nothing less than mindblowing, and they have a number of tracks signed to prove it!!

    Click to listen below (2 Tracks from the trio off of Drum and Bass Arena now signed to Renegade Hardware):

    See/hear Quadrant live at:
    Oct 27 2005 @ 9pm - 12am on CG TV on from Philly!
    Oct 28 2005 @ 2:00A @ Vaudeville Theatre Philadelphia, PA
    Nov 12 2005 @ 8:00P @ Onset Seattle, WA
    Dec 2 2005 @ 11:00P @ Tequila Joe's Newark, NJ

    More info on these guys (and a girl) will be available shortly.

    Mark S
    ( Records/Cyber Groove, UK)

    A Jungle/Drum & Bass DJ who has developed his own '33 speed trick' mixing technique by being able to mathematically make use of the 33 speed button on one track, while it is mixing with another track. Can also use the 33 speed button in a basic way so that selected sounds of a track can be 'freaked' and sampled into the track playing.
    Plays across the board of sounds, from Congo Natty, to classic Virus, to recent Rhythm Beater and Benny Page production, to Visionary, to Digital, to Chase & Status, to Counterstrike, to stateside production, to Touchin Down dubs and to Undiluted dubs. One thing is for sure though - you can always expect fresh Cutterz Choice dubs in a Mark S set!
    Regularly booked at 10 events in home town Milton Keynes (Deadly Fusion, Grime Time, Vital Elementz, Sub-conscious, Subversive, Elevation, Wat? The!, Abstrakt Normality, Nu-Era & Resonate). Does internet radio shows on Pyrotechnic Radio. Has played abroad in Amsterdam and NYC, and also checked out the scene in Los Angeles. Apart from all around Buckinghamshire, Mark S has also performed in Brighton, Essex, London, Luton, Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard, Northampton, Rugby, Coventry, Bedworth, Leicester & Worcester.

    More info/audio on Mark S check out:

    Dj W.K.D.
    ( Groove, UK)

    DJ WKD has been into Drum and Bass since he was 15. Buying vinyl regularly, tape-packs and tickets to events – he has been up on the scene since his first exposure. From then he has been constantly pushing himself and has gained a wealth of experience.
    From the first & only weekly DnB event in the local area to the BBC 1Xtra studios: DJ WKD has been making moves that should leave people full of admiration. He consistently dedicates his efforts to the art of djing that he loves and you can see the enjoyment he gets when performing. If there is something going on within the local scene, then WKD is either in the know or running it!
    WKD is wants to help push the scene in all directions. He writes regular track reviews for SWANONEMUSIC.COM to bring his knowledge and honest opinion to the masses. This serves to help less knowledgeable DJs know what to expect from certain releases and also benefits his listeners – as to what might be expected from his future sets.
    He plays every weekend on the biggest Music Radio Station serving the 3 Counties, bringing the people a diverse and personal selection of his DnB tastes. Listening to his radio show is like a snapshot of the scene plus a great experience – as he brings knowledge to the listeners.
    WKD has gained a lot of confidence in himself which is a massive hurdle for any artist to overcome, but it shines through. He is able and more than willing to play 2 hours of constant DnB and still pick up the microphone between mixes to keep listeners tuned in with his upfront personality and knowledge of the scene.
    Recently WKD is taking himself a step further and decided to dedicate most of his time into making his own music. he has already had his tracks hosted in BBC 1xtras cutting room early this year.
    Dj WKD can be heard on Breakfm every Tuesday 6-8pm (UK TIME) playing the finest in nu skool breaks.

    WKD Mix from BBC 1XTRA:

    WKD on BBC 1Xtra - stream

    WKD on BBC 1XTRA - download


    Sonic | Indica Night (Space)
    Soul Proof | On The Line (Dub)
    Random Movement | Unknown ( Bass Bin)
    Commix | 5 Reasons Remix ( White )
    Stress Level & R1 | Satisfy ( White )
    Invaders | Unknown ( White )
    J Laze | 6 Months (Square Root)
    D Bridge | Belief (Creative Source)
    Fracture & Neptune | Bass Bin (White)
    Seba & Paradox | Last Good Bye (Paradox Music)
    Breakage | The Prophecy (White)
    State Of Mind | Mindslider (31 Records)
    Drum and Bass Republic | Start This (Dub)

    For bookings for all of the above artists please send your requests via e mail or via AIM to:

    Scott McCusker
    Cyber Groove Productions/Artist Management
    CyberGroove2k < AIM

    The remaining of the Cyber Groove roster can be view at: