Cyber Groove 2005 DnB Stateside/International Talent Showcase

Cyber Groove 2005 DnB Stateside/International Talent Showcase

Hello I am Scott McCusker owner of Cyber Groove Productions. Some who are reading this post we have worked together at one point but others this is the first time. So for the first timers Cyber Groove Productions is a drum and bass production out of NY, which handles many talents within drum and bass among other music styles. We are reaching out to you because we see that you do events or are planning to do events and we are interested in giving our services to you. Cyber Groove Productions has always been known to work with your budget not make you have a budget for us. We also provide promotions both street and on line upon the booking of a Cyber Groove artist as well as by choice of promoter to be featured on our website as a crew or individual artists or to be featured in RIX Entertainment Magazine (, where a member of our staff would come in to take pictures and review your event, or interview/feature your crew or an artist that is suited. We also provide other services to make your event go smoothly.

Attached is our full stateside/international drum and bass/breakbeat artists feature showing the DJs/MC/ and models that are available for bookings. The attached also gives more information on Cyber Groove Productions and our complete roster including DJs/Bands/MCs of all genres of music as well as models to entertain your crowd.

Attached can also be seen by going to its web version

Also our complete roster with mixes/tracks and bio can be viewed at

Thank you for your time and I look forward to do business with you. Please contact me if you have any questions...thanks again.

Scott McCusker
CyberGroove2k (AOL AIM)
CyberGrooveNYC (YAHOO)

Cyber Groove Productions

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