Cyantific interview and mix


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If you hadn't previously associated South West London with beats and bass then you're in for a bit of a surprise. Hospital Records wunderkind Cyantific has been on the forefront of the drum & bass scene for a number of years now after being snapped up by Hospital in the summer of 2002 following a tip off from drum & bass posterboy High Contrast.

Originally started as a duo, a series of strong 12"s combined with a slew of remixes and many an uptempo DJ set helped establish them firmly on 170 bpm's radar. Their 2006 debut LP ‘Ghetto Blaster’ saw them combine the soulful with the technical to bring bangers like 'Ghetto Blaster' to many a drum & bass fan's record bag. Jon from the duo wasn’t happy to just be known for his beats and was also taking his DJing on and up - anyone who's seen a Cyantific set will tell you he isn't one to mess about in the DJ booth. A "Best Breakthrough DJ award" from BBC 1Xtra followed, and the Cyantific DJ agenda has never looked back.

After a showcasing a blistering travel through all things drum & bass with his Hospital Mix #6 in 2009 some may consider him to be quiet on the production scene although he’s constantly been keeping up with a busy touring schedule. 2011 sees him back with a bang, bringing his own eponymous label and ahead of his appearance in Room 2 for Critical on the 18th we had a chance to catch up with him for a quick quizzing, grabbing an exclusive mix in the process.

Download: Cyantific - FABRICLIVE x Critical Sound Promo Mix

Now that Cyantific is a solo project have you found your sound has changed?
I guess it has, I'm not the best placed to tell you that though. I've definitely made an effort to go back to the sound we started out with, much more subliminal messaging regarding the lizards…

A lot people know you as one of Hospital Record’s major players. How did your involvement with Critical come about?
Kasra has been a friend of mine since before I was even using the name Cyantific. We used to go to Metalheadz nights and drink cocktails on the veranda while swapping panini stickers. Precious memories.

You recently launched your own label, Cyantific. Has being a label boss been a big learning process?
I had a label a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, so it hasn't been that bad. Plus Kasra runs it for me, so I have more time to work on my model railway and fossil collection.

It’s been a while since you’ve graced fabric. Any big hitters that we should be listening out for to know you’re in the building?
There’s lots of new stuff from the boy Wilkinson, particularly 'Ovaltine Nightmarez;' I think he's going to have a great year, if he can conquer his fear of tall blonde women and rice.

When can we expect to hear output from some of the side projects that you’ve mentioned previously? I’d heard talk of house music and bands!
I've done some house music with Logistics. He's currently making his way to Mordor to melt this one ring. Once he's back we're totally on it though.

A lot of people know you as being one of the more technical DJs in D&B... is it all about double dropping or do you prefer a more subtle approach these days?
I was sent forward in time by Doc Brown to melt faces. I can't disappoint the Doc.

Any up and coming artists/producers that have been doing it for you recently?
Cameo, D-train, Lisa Lisa, oh and Paul Hardcastle - but I bet he turns out crap.

If you could chose - the noughties or the eighties?
I wish for a simpler age, where the coke cans danced about, the shoes had pumps, mobile phones had car batteries, the grass was green and the girls were pretty.

Cyantific – FABRICLIVE x Critical Mix
01 Brookes Brothers - Beautiful
>> Ram Trilogy - Mind Overload
>> Nu:Tone - Hyper Hyper
>> MIST - Outer Space
02 Roger Sanchez - 2gether (Cyantific & Wilkinson remix)
>> Cybotron - Threshold
03 Chase & Status - No Problem
04 Enei - Moving Fast
05 SPY & Total Science - Magic Hour
06 Cyantific - Anything
>> Cyantific - Don't Follow (Accapella)
07 Enei & Eastcolours - Labyrinth
>> Ed Rush & Optical - Punchbag
08 Morning Parade - Under The Stars (Wilkinson remix)
09 Break - All That's Left
10 Receptor - Girls
11 Baobinga & Cosmin TRG - I Get Ruff
12 Cyantific - Streets Of Rave
13 D1 - Bleeps To Broadway (edit)
14 Fresh - Ice Cream
15 Emalkay - Crusader
16 Renegade - Terrorist
17 Fresh - Mission To Mars
18 Cyantific - OBEY
>> Q Project - Ask Not
19 Ad Gannon - Sentient
>> Digital - Deadline
20 D1 - Flood Of Emotion (Enei remix)
>> Hazard - Food Fight
21 Future Cut - Ghetto Style
22 Fresh - Gatekeeper
23 Enei - Old Times
24 Chase & Status - Hocus Pocus
25 M Beat feat. General Levy - Incredible
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much more subliminal messaging regarding the lizards


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what a nutter!

heard him on saturday aswell, really good dj!


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Maybe Fresh gave him a cheeky text halfway through...3/4 of his new EP on there....

Fair play to him though. Sounds like a joka


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Fucking sick DJ. Fucking sick producer.. Really rate the guy. His new release is sick aswell.. 'Obey' is huge!


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just listening to this now, that enei tune - moving fast is sick! good signs for the album


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Don't even need to look at the tracklist; Cyantific is God.

Keep 'em comin, man! :slayer:


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that Receptor - Girls tune is massive!!

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also, dat crackle on Terrorist, sounds like someones recorded and amplified a bowl of Rice Krispies :teeth:


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This is a really big mix, actually. I'm not so keen on a few of the tunes, but the House tune selection was surprisingly top notch for me.

And I was almost positive someone told me that Receptor tune with the electro breakdown is "Ass", but I might be wrong.


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that Receptor - Girls tune is massive!!

---------- Post added at 19:10 ---------- Previous post was at 18:54 ----------

also, dat crackle on Terrorist, sounds like someones recorded and amplified a bowl of Rice Krispies :teeth:
Proves that its recorded right off the decks tho. Makes the mix all the better


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