Cutterz Choice latest dubplates, Rhythm Beater 'Bad Dreams' + 'The Feeling'

Fourth-Coming 2013 'Bad Dreams' produced by Rhythm Beater CUZ021. PREVIEW ON SOUNDCLOUD HERE:

'Dont be afraid, Bad dreams are only dreams!' cries one of the many voices guiding you through this rollercoaster ride into Rhythm Beater's subconsious. Nightmarish or friendly you decide but be careful this sound is addictive! Hypnotic synthesizers and drums roll out another Rhythm Beater anthem perfect for on and off the dancefloor.
Throughout the year Beaters anthems have consistantly hit the shop charts whilst elswhere he has created the soundtrack for Microsoft Forza Motorsport and put out a slew of Dubplates into the underground which have been firing up airwaves and nightclubs alike all year!

Fourth-Coming 2013 'The Feeling' produced by Rhythm Beater featuring Bloody Charmin CUZ021. PREVIEW ON SOUNDCLOUD HERE:

Following the huge success of the re-release of the Cutterz back catalog throughout 2012 Rhythm Beater offers up something fresh and tasty for the first release of the new year. He teams up again with vocalist Bloody Charmin manufacturing the deepest darkest sounds of South London where looming basslines and sleazy synths lead the way as the pair go in search of the ominous 'Feeling'. Heavy basslines battle it out over stylish editing for guarenteed dancefloor. action.