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A. Babylon
AA. Soul Assassin
Label: Cutterz Choice
Cat. No: CUZ013
Release Date: August 2007

Cutterz Choice have just launched their comprehensive new website full of downloads, exclusive mixes, pics and plenty more so hurry on down there for all the latest news. In the meantime, the Rhythm Beater continues to bang those drums like there's no tomorrow and has unleashed a couple of belters for the masses.

Support from Mary-Anne Hobbs, Klute, Flight, Nicky Blackmarket, Twisted Individual & many more.

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Babylon is a skankin, dub-infused roller that combines elements of reggae, tech and jungle and mashes them together to create a moody bubbler that has been getting the attention of folks worldwide. As Cutterz Choice continues to grow and push things forward The Beater keeps pushing that envelope, with pure originality.

Listen - A. Babylon

Soul Assassin begins with a ghostly vocal sample before plunging into nerve-shattering breaks and a thunderous b-line. Rhythm Beater brings that touch of trademark, cinematic horror to this production, creating something that will make hairs stand on end and devastate dancefloors.

Listen - AA. Soul Assassin

Other Cutterz Choice news...
  • Graffs005 featuring artwork from London graff artists Steas & Sham, with tunes from Rhythm Beater and Benny Page's protege - Zero G!
  • September will see the first release on 'Throat Cutterz', the brand new label catering for the darkest and most twisted progressive drum and bass proudly presenting DJ Throttler from Greece, more news soon!
  • Cutterz Choice Sony Ericsson K800 themes available HERE


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