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FUTURE SICKNESS RECORDS presentz "Global Sickness Tour"

Part one : European Assault
From 9th of February till end of March 2007

Story :

Get ready to hear the brutal sounds of the underground, as Future Sickness Records launches its first world tour, beginning with a six-week European leg on February 9th till March 17th 2007!

With its first digital release in September 2006 and more back-to-back releases ready to go, Future Sickness Recordings is already well-poised to take the world by storm. The label's Victim Agency is eager to take bookings for its quality roster, which includes such well-established heavy hitters as Mumblz, Motion Theory, Tactix and Axis & Trank as well as the up-and-coming talent of Spookane & N.D.M., Grievous & RDS and Zubcore.

The story of Future Sickness began ominously on 06/06/06, when four kindred spirits joined forces to bring the music they live and breathe to the masses.

Spookane (Belgium), Grievous (Belgium), RDS (France) and Zubcore (Austria), share a love for the darker sounds of drum-n-bass, which naturally evolved from their hard-core roots. They got together to form Future Sickness Records, providing a platform for high-end DnB productions regardless of fame or fortune. Their mission: to infect the globe with the darkest of sounds and to enrich the drum and bass landscape with fresh tunes by new and established talent.

Signings from around the world ensure a varied take on the sound, with artists representing three continents. Those include Counterstrike, a South African duo that has been taking the world by storm for more than a decade; U.S.-based Mumblz, Empire-X, and the Cenobites collective; and Current Value from Germany. Future releases by Donny, Axis & Trank, Panacea, Raiden and others are in the pipeline and are expected to hit the streets later in 2006.

Future Sickness is taking all offers across Europe.
We can discuss everything on location, capacity, budget, etc.
Basic package is Spookane & NDM, RDS & Grievous or Zubcore and another artist from the list above.

Confirmed Dates so far :
09 feb : Tour Launch Party@Waaiberg,Belgie
10 feb : Therapy Sessions @ Vianne,Austria
24 feb : Therapy Sessions @ Manchester,UK

If you have space for a stand, we can hold a small shop to sell T-shirts, stickers, CDs, records and other goodies.

Send offers to , and we will get back to you ASAP!!

aim contact:

spookane: spookane666

Roster on tour :

Current Value & Snow [GERMANY]
[Future Sickness Records, Freak Recordings, Tech Itch, Lost Soul, TOV MUSIC, Soothsayer Recordings]
(for bio see )

Donny [UK]
[Barcode, Mindrush Records]
(For bio see )

Spookane & N.D.M (one package) [BELGIUM]
[Future Sickness Records, Victim Agency, Exhale, Apocalypse]
( )

Grievous & RDS (one package) [BELGIUM/FRANCE]
[Future Sickness Records, CC-Radio, Darkland Agency, Night Science Recordings, Royal Dub Recordings]
(for bio see (for RDS: )

Zubcore [AUSTRIA]
[Future Sickness Records, Therapy Sessions Austria, Static Echo,Victim Agency]
(for bio see )


Digital :
SICKDIG001 - B-Complex - Hunter 2006 VIP/Shteel (Sept. 2006)
SICKDIG002 - Motion Theory - Shaolin/Lake Placid (Oct. 2006)
SICKDIG003 - TitanZero - Livid - Recognition (Nov. 2006)
SICKDIG004 - Kalashnikov/Zardonic - Fucking / Seizure Of Iniquity (Dec. 2006)
SICKDIG005 - Vicious-D/RMX COMP WINNER - Flesh Eater/Flesh Eater RMX (Jan. 2007)
SICKDIG006 - Current Value - The Fallen/Fear & XTC (Feb. 2007)

Vinyl :
SICK001 - Mumblz & Counterstrike/Mumblz,Empire-X & Cenobites - Sickness & Suffering/Undergrounds our style (Jan. 2007)
SICK002 - Current Value - Revealing The Consealed EP (spring 2007)


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For the ppl who arent familiar with donny his work. His latest mix



01. Technical Itch (ft. MC Jakes) - Retribution (Audio rmx)
02. Universal Project - Bleach (Unknown Error remix)
03. Dan Miracle - Judgement Day
04. Limewax - The Attack
05. ? - ?
06. Technical Itch (ft. MC Jakes) - Creep Freak
07. Current Value - Tunnel Vision (Donny Remix) [Barcode]
08. Current Value - "Elemental Mind" (Barcode)
09. Donny & R.S - Lucifer (Barcode)
10. Technical Itch - Death Jazz
11. Donny - Medievil Beating(Audio RMX) [Mindrush]
12. ? - ?
13. B Soul - Markus (Barcode)
14. Audio - Delusional (Freak)
15. Donny - Amputation (Donny & DJ E VIP) [Barcode]
16. Dylan, Audio & Robyn Chaos - Rapture[Freak]
17. Current Value - The Fallen (Axis & Trank remix) [Future Sickness]
18. Limewax - Screamwar [Freak]
19. Donny - The Forgotten (Current Value remix) [Barcode]
20. Gein - Simon [Tech itch]
21. Spektrum- Transmission