Current Value - "Anticitizen" b/w Kid Kryptic - "Foreign Skin" - SSTH001

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    Announcing Soothsayer Vs. Theoretic! PROMOS OUT IN FEBRUARY

    Current Value – "Anticitizen" b/w Kid Kryptic – "Foreign Skin" – SSTH 001

    What a wonderful way to begin our LOAD media tenure … our first split release ,
    complete with it's very own unique catalogue number and a dose of the hardest
    tracks of '06 and yessir… it's only January. Believe! Two of today's most
    devious drum n' bass camps clash in an avalanche of fractured beats and
    destructive basslines! Widespread whitelabel pre-release late January/early
    February. Lock windows and doors! Test Pressings are undergoing approval as we

    Current Value – "Anticitizen"

    Anticitizen" is a brutal amen tear-out utilizing loads of drum samples,
    hard-lined filters , razor sharp cuts. This tune is more aggressive than a
    rabid animal... Anarchical Cujo beats foaming at the mouth. Dancefloor headz as
    well as fans of the breakcore sound will stand attention when the tune drops.
    Malicious beats evocative of anarchy, futurism and technocracy bent for
    decimating the floor. Current Value returns to Soothsayer with beats and bass
    comprised of pure phosphorous

    Kid Kryptic – "Foreign Skin"

    Hot on the heels of his Evol Intent Recordings debut ("The Way", EI 008), Kid
    Kryptic delivers a ferocious stormer of anthemic proportions. A sinister intro
    lures vulnerable ears into an amen onslaught chock full wicked hooks and
    blistering synths. Foreign Skin is an incendiary dance floor killa fit for the
    darkest corners of the scene. Wear a chest protector!

    Soothsayer Recordings - Philosophy Through Pathology

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