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    I doubt cannabis cures cancer full stop, however there is a fairly good chance that in some cases it could be benefial. Its a nice idea that because something maybe save lives people would throw money at it. But a sad fact is alot of the people with the money and power have different sub agenda's. Realistical there a two things that could invest in the benefits of cannabis, the goverment or a private firm.

    The goverment are not intrested in folking out millions of pounds in tax payers money to support something which they have slagged off for years, and admit they were maybe wrong. Doing such a thing would make them look even more clueless than they already look. Also i think they would rather spend the money on there second homes anyway :lol:.

    As for a business spending money on research its never going to happen as you cant copyright a plant which has been growing for thousands of years. And without been able to copyright cannabis, they cant have a monopoly on the sale of cannabis and create and artificaly high price to regain the money spent on the research. Therefore in a private frims case it isnt economicly feasable to research into cannabis cures.

    Anyway ending the rant, this is something that is close to my heart (both terminal illnesses and the bias propaganda aimmed at illegal drugs and there users). But we as a planet arent going to get anywhere soon with our current views.

    My 2 cents worth, could of wrote a 50 essay on this subject tbh :D