Cure work boredom

Apart from having some dnbforum banter what other ideas can people give me to cure work boredom.
And any funny stories of people curing work boredom in funny ways lol?


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sure, id have beef with a girl in my team and she would do everything to make me react, she would talk about me like i wasnt there and do all sorts of horrific things. but i knew all she wanted was for me to react so we could have a big row, clear the air sort of thing, and be mates after that, cos really, it was her the tension was wearing down. but i didnt react, i kept it hood and didnt speak to her about nothing, i only spoke to the managers and similar. this mustve gone on for bloody ever, it was not so fun, but to alleviate the boredom i was high on methadone all day, most of that period is a big haze for me, i dont remember much of it. were fine now, but she has blood pressure problems and is quitting, moving to vietnam. dont know how much of that is my fault but id like to think i had at least a little something to do with it.