Culture Shock - Gears

I cut this about 6 months ago when i played in Belgium...

Ok tune. By far not his best bit of work by a long shot.
Culture Shock has secured a place in my list of favourite producers. The man has some serious talent. Would be a shame if this didnt see a release.
arse arse arse arse arse

Culture Shock is so good, need more bits from him. Taking quality control too far if this isn't getting released imo.

fully agree, i'm friends with Deep whos on Frequency and he said that one of his tunes went to and from him, Andy and Red One bout 30 times! Kinda makes sense why all ram releases are the fuckin dogs bolloocks but also why they take sooo long to be released!

culture shock is and has been one of my favourite producers since i started listening to dnb. The dude is a fuckin legend as well, played down here at xmas, i was el mashed to say the least, but we were having a chat for a while bout stuff i cannot remember but he was super cool.

the bypass is by far the sickest, most unique tune i've heard.
Culture tells me Andy wasn't too keen on this one compared to his other stuff.
Gears is wicked man

Definately deserves a release, and the support the tune has recieved from the djs who have it (Futurebound, Ed Rush & Optical, Calyx & Teebee to name a few) speaks for itself!

I would of thought Machine / Gears would be a perfect 12" release for Culture Shock! If on Frequency at least?!
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