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Sep 16, 2011
Anyone know anything about the producer Cubist? Heard a few tracks on Mutated Forms Podcast, especially love Alligator. Any one have any info?

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He's a good friend and i'm helping with his label, Colours Recordings which is being distributed through ST Holdings. The first 12" Action / Baby was released in August. We are sorting out the next 12" now and are deliberating over the titles. Let's just say they are major. i have a host of his tracks waiting and hopefully there will be some releases soon. If you check some of my sets I have posted up there are a few on there including some world exclusives
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No totally different person. He has a lot of stuff in the pipeline. And is in the studio churning them out. Trying to get him to promote himself more, but hard when he is in Melbourne, Australia. Putting in the work from this end. Finishing touches to a new label will hopefully see quite a few of his bangers get a release. check the DJ set he did on Drum & Bass Arena TV for his older bits which still haven't come out. I will be doing a showcase on Kool soon

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just done a show on Kool, previewing pieces from Manga and the Neutronic Beats show for 1st half then Cubist forthcoming and older bits for the Colours Recordings label, link below


All available from www.neutronicbeats.com
Manga - Silver Eyed Witch (from forthcoming Silver Eyed Witch EP)
Manga - Not (Sound System Punishment EP)
DJ Smoove - Destiny (forthcoming Familia EP)
Manga - Pied Piper (Sound System Punishment EP)
High Octane - Wikkid Sick (forthcoming Familia EP)
Manga - Danger Time (Sound System Punishment EP)
Manga - Lets Go (Neutronic Beats Dub)
Manga - Badman Step (Sound System Punishment EP)
Manga - Magic Man Remix
Manga - Daisy Boom (Geno Cyber EP)
Upakut - ??? (Dub)
Manga - Geno Cyber (Geno Cyber EP)
All next tunes by Cubist, all courtesy of Colours Recordings
I Know
Elephant Man
Cyborg - jokes. CD Player spat CD out. Must have pissed it off
Human Centipede
Freak With It
Baby (Colours Recordings #1)
Big Sound
Unfinished Dubplate
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cheers will check this...

you don't have a link to that mutated forms podcast he's going on about in the first post do you?

Yeah even has a moment in it where while playing a Cubist tune 'Cyborg' the CDJ spat the CD out. The Bass was so heavy studio was rumbling and reset it
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