Cubase SX - How did you learn it?


Jul 25, 2003
Houston, TX
Okay, so I recently started using Cubase SX...after playing around with some lesser tools, I decided its time to move to the big time, make some real tunes.

How did you guys go about learning it? Buy books? Online tutorials? Just fiddling around?

The buying books route isn't really appealing to me, as I am po' from all the vinyl I buy....but some online resources that you guys know of would be awsome (but hey, feel free to recommend books anyway).
Calefaction said:
Yah, I know what RTFM is....thanks, I am a computer programmer by trade ;) If I had the manual, do you think I would read it? :) I uhh, lost the manual, thats it ;)

/me did not read the manual, cubase is not too hard
Most Important, get a chart of Key Combinations
Once you know what the functions are and what they do (same for each program) it's pretty easy to pick any of the music packages up.
You just got to find the options
Ive bin using cubase since the atari st days - sx is not really much different except that its got the options of using audio, on screen mixing desks - i think its wicked
if ure a good programmer, youll only need the key chart

fiddle around

find out the gm map stuff for drums
find out to hit the W button in the mixer to automate a channel
find out how to make a virtual copy and a real copy (shift / +alt + mouse)
be not ashamed of using more than 1 midi track for each instrument, modulations go extra.

Get loads of Plugins!
waves native , psp vintage warmer, ohmforce quadfrohmage , ni stuff, phatmatik pro

Get used to resample your drums or forget prof. production.
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