Cubase SX HELP NEEDED/ mastering question


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Oct 3, 2003
Hello all,
This is my first post, I have to say dope dnbforum is. It certainly has steered me in the right direction for getting my first dubplate put out. But however I am writing tonight about my problem with cubase sx. I have just transferred from reason (due to lack of vst capa) i have had training with cubase VST but i don't know cubase too well generally.

The problem is when I load a VST plugin like absynth or oxygen the latency is fecking slow, it must be about 500ms +. I cannot seem to find any option to adjust latency. I don't believe it is due to the spec of my computer as it is as follows:
Athlon XP 1600
500 mb Ram
Soundblaster 16 (proberly the prob)
40 gb hdd

Any suggestions/idea?

Another question I have is about mastering. When mastering for vinyl do you master it in the came way as you would for CD. I know you cut the rumbling frequencies, and above 18khz but is there anything else I need to know? or can you steer me in a better direction?




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Jan 1, 2003
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breakzhead said:
Soundblaster 16 (proberly the prob)


Get a decent soundcard (check out the M-Audio for a start, of Terratec's for like combo studio/home cinema type setup).. one which supports ASIO(2). That'll improve it no end, trust me :)


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Oct 6, 2003

I too am running an AMD 1600+, 512MB SDRAM, 40gb hd computer, and did have a soundblaster audigy soundcard, until I upgraded to an M-Audio 2496. I achieved about 40ms latency with the soundblaster, and about 20 with the M-Audio, running about 8 VSTs at a time. If you're getting that much latency, you probably need to configure your soundcard properly(you probably still have the default direct x full duplex Asio driver still selected). In your start menu, in your Steinberg folder, there should be a program called Asio multimedia setup. Also make sure that all of your VSTs are using the same soundcard configuration.
Also, when using an Asio compatibe soundcard the host program does not have the latency adjustment setting, it is adjusted through the soundcards software.
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