Cubase for a noob


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Alright peeps, i am having real trouble getting to grips with cubase, i have been a reason user for about 3 years and am feeling the restrictions lol.

I have got together a half decent drum loop (pretty shit one though) but cant for the life of me work out how to set up my midi keyboard to the synths, or even call up a vst or standard synth in a piano roll lol.

If you could post up some useful info for me that would be great, sooooo many things i wanna be able to do in cubase but just dont know how to do it.

By the way, im using cubase sx


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If you want to put a Synth in just click on "Devices" at the top, and then "VST Instruments". You can then chose it from there. If you have cubase 4 or 5 it will ask you if you wanna create a midi track for the new instrument, say yes.
If not then just right click just off the left hand side of the arrangement windows and click add midi track, then set the output to your VST.

You can use the pen tool to draw a block in the arrangement window and then double click that block to bring up the piano roll.

As for setting up your Midi keyboard, it should just work straight away, but if not it's somewhere in the devises menu (I don't have cubase at work so can't check)