Crystal Clear

Yeah I'm signed to the playaz camp. I've known Zen since Shadow Fm in about 97 and am collaborating with him at the mo so, as a little side proj, he asked if he could take All Dat. The bossman Hype was Kool with it so it's happenin.

...and yes I have got Liqweed tunes: King Of The Stars forthcoming with Netsky and Feel You out now under the Split Second alias (with Prolix).

All the info is on www (shameless plug).

Netsky's quality! Eager for that! Awwwww Yeaher!!!
Breakneck is still going as main promoter in Portsmouth but not keen on their nights, venues or prices! They have got (apparently) mampi and tc booked the end of the month buth the venue is only 10-2 :lol:
Would I have to go through your agent to get you down here?
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