Crystal Clear - Untitled 175 & Crystal Clear ft. Cabbie - Cold Blooded


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Jan 11, 2008
Hemel Hempstead
First tune on this old Hype @ Kiss show if anyone is interested.

Some big tunes on this show!

Crystal Clear And Cabbie-Streethawk
System-Near Miss
Potential Bad Boy Feat Jnr Dangerous-Sound A Sound
Alex Perez-Icicle
Basher -Biometrics
Drum Magic-Dry Your Eyes
A.I. -Days Of Rage
Jay Line -Far Cry
Taxman & Heist -Equinox
Kanye West -Flashing Lights (D&B)
Dirty Harry-Big Business
Million Styles-Frenemie
Distorted Minds -Ghosttown Vip
Congo Natty -Code Red (Serial Killer Remix)
Mampi Swift -Still In Water
Chase & Status -Smash Tv
Commix-Bear Music
Mikal -Great Escape ( Heist Remix)
Shimmon -Lightspeed
Mos Def -Panties
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