Crypticz - Emotions ft. Amy Ives (Out now with remixes!)


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Merging the big sub rumbling sounds of bass music with the catchy and addictive vocal elements you might hear in the pop music of today Crypticz delivers an exciting new track in collaboration with vocalist Amy Ives. This single not only features the original track but also three remixes meaning this release truly has something for everyone. Simon Says, UK based Electro House producer brings his own twist to the track with his remix providing a similarity to the more popular dance sound which has been dominating the charts over the past year. American based multi genre bass music producer T:M brings a deeper style to the original track with his remix. Finally Sonika, a producer who is dominating at the young age of 14, brings the release to a close with his take on the track which provides an almost child like bounce in comparison to the slightly gloomy original.

Buy the whole single for £2 or any individual track for 50p.

Released 24 December 2012

Vocals written and sung by Amy Ives.
Original track produced and mixed by Jordan Parsons.
Simon Says Remix produced and mixed by Simon Taylor.
T:M Remix produced and mixed by Timothy Mueller.
Sonika Remix produced and mixed by 'Sonika'.

All tracks mastered by Jordan Parsons.

Artwork by James White.

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Thats all the fancy post out the way so here you go guys, new release before the year comes to a close, hope you like it :) I remember a few of you giving me tips on the tune when it first went up as far as mixdown so this has been redone so hopefully you can enjoy it more! There will possibly be a few free dls available in the future so keep your ear out ;)

Most importantly hope you all have a great Christmas & New Year