Multi Genre Crossover kind of DnB Trance


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Hi everyone
I'd appreciate your feedback on this track that I've been working on lately:
How it is built, the sound and production quality, the general appeal, ...
Thanks in advance!


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That very first impact is great, the way the melody comes in with the pads/strings is on point...kick intro is good getting the energy going, though I'd maybe do an edit on the kick pattern every 8 or 16 to keep it fresh... 0:53 is kind of abrupt I'd maybe swell into it...and ditch the big bass with the sub...maybe just use the mid, then bring the sub part in when the bass notes change at 1:23

Tramen sounds alright, but there's no edits so I'd recommend adding some fills...that trance synth that comes in is super epic though, I really enjoy that...I'd say the main things you need to work on are variation/edits and mixing, the drums don't change at all untill 2:52, thought they sound good when they're there. the eastern synth at 3:30 is gold....once again at 4:55 that trance synth entry is amazing, you should build into it with some risers.

You've got the melody and part-writing down, you just need to add some spice with edits, atmospheric swells, fills, and random stuffs...just whatever keeps every 8 bars different will help you a lot =D keep it up homie so much of this track is really good, just work on your drums and bass, and keep in mind that any sound doing the same thing for more than 8 bars is going to get boring, obv exceptions apply.