Critical Music w/ Sam Binga, Foreign Concept & Hyroglifics - SWU.FM


Pavey Farms
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Jun 6, 2008
NW Kent
Another quality monthly show on SWU.FM. Sam Binga, Foreign Concept & Hyroglifics definitely deliver on the bants. I can confirm music also gets played

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Pavey Farms
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Jun 6, 2008
NW Kent
Sept show now up:
Halogenix - Don't Need That
Pola & Bryson ft Kojo - Closer To Home
Monty & Trail - Cinamon
Submotive - Snowed In
Nectax - Treadstone
Watch The Ride Ft. Emz - Ready Fi Dem
Doc Zee & Griz-O - Eski Flava
Hyroglifics - If I Could
Foreign Concept - Joey N'Do
Alix Perez - Melodrama (Sam Binga Remix)
The Upbeats ft. Joe Dukie - Beams

Demo Review
Nemy - Suspicious

Athena - Bayside Groove
Joy Orbison - Born Slipping
GLM ft T Man - Couple Man Tried (Disrupta remix)
FX909 - Put It Under
Molecular x Particle - Switch Hunt
Turbo Island Discs (Kasra)
Commix - Talk To Frank (Break Remix)

Kasra x Enei - Action Reaction
CLA - Dontcha
Sub Zero x T95 x Rider Shafique - Battle Of The Beast

Artist Spotlight (High Contrast)
High Contrast -Passion
High Contrast - Remember When
High Contrast - Mermaid Scar

Redders x Lamont - Walk No Plank
Mosca - Vacuum Sealed


Pavey Farms
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Jun 6, 2008
NW Kent
Oct show now up:

Monty & Eva Mango - I Knew So
Ivy Lab - Options
Duskee x Disrupta - Blue Moon
Watch The Ride - Road Runner
Tim Reaper - The Tranquility Track
Rizzle - Twilight Tones
Brix x DRS x Visages - I Can't Stay
Fork and Knife x Jon E Clayface - Come Correct
Xakra x Raquel Divar - Chips
The Mouse Outfit & Karis Jade - Fallin'
Hyroglifics - Dancefloor Friendly Club Track
Foreign Concept - Mob Justice

Demo Review
DJ Anthropic - She Makes Me Wanna

Turbo Island Discs (Redders)
Dennis Brown - Promised Land

Pyxis - Moonshadow
Dismantle & Van Basten - Smack The Door
Foreign Beggars & Laville - Reveal (Alix Perez Remix)
Modulizer x Riko Dan- Scatter Dem

Artist Spotlight (Total Science)
Total Science - Skool Dayz
Total Science - Lightweight
Total Science - Respect Due
Total Science - Ask Not (VIP)

Emz x Gemi x Charli Brix - WANT2DANCE
Kublai & Minor Forms - Got Me Feeling


Pavey Farms
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Jun 6, 2008
NW Kent
Operator Unknown - Only You
Jubei, Dogger, Mindstate, Chunky - Time Travel
Sherelle - Jungle Teknah
Viilem x Rider Shafique x Pat Fulgoni - Difference
Alibi & SL8R - Break The Machine
BB - Roundeer
Marcus Intalex & Spirit - Crackdown
OneDa x Sam Binga x Particle - Rude Girl
Safire x QQQ_Akane - Slowly Rushing (Skeptical Rmx)
Dekka - Liberation
OB x Kinetic - Broken Pieces
Bell Curve - Evaporate (Fixate Remix)

Demo Review
Evasion - Closer

Bex - Feels
Sir Hiss - Selenki
DLR - Funk to the Future
Box N Lock - Chimpo (Essence Relick)
Napes x Samurai Breaks - Violent Violins
Rass Kemp - A Grand Day Out

Turbo Island Discs (Chimpo)
Devid the Dude - What A Job

Artist Spotlight (Alix Perez)
Alix Perez - Fade Away
Richie Brains - Heartbreaker
Alix Perez - State 808

Governmentfun - Hours
Quartz - One Ghetto
Black Josh - In the Bits
Gemi x Emz x Charli Brix - Want2Dance (Sam Binga Remix)


Pavey Farms
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Jun 6, 2008
NW Kent
WInslow ft TRAC - Breaking News
HLZ - How I Feel
DJ Swisha & OSSX - Naur
Tyke & Recipe ft Dakota Sixx - Mind Games
Alix Perez x DLR x SPMC - Keep Up
Scratchclart - Tapped
Foreign Concept x Slay x Roxiie Reese - Vibe
Hyroglifics - Triptych
Sam Binga x Redders x Rider Shafique - DaFreakz
Alewya - Sweating
Jook & Blumey - Shade
Fixate - Venga Roller

Demo Review
Bline- Downside

Sweetpea - Jungle Juice
Cyantific - Output
Grey Code - Lone
Quadrant & Iris - Accurate

Turbo Island Discs (My Nu Leng)
Giraffi Dog - 351 Nation

My Nu Leng x Fox - Masterplan

Artist Spotlight (Calibre)
Calibre - Smooth Baby
Calibre - Can't Stop This Fire
LSB x DRS - Faded (Calibre Remix)

Silloh - Looney Tunes
Kursa - Cut Throat10
Emz x Gemi x Charli Brix - Want2Dance
Traumatize - Bulldozer Riddim
HOST - WDY Think
Sir Hiss - 37 Surrey St


Pavey Farms
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Jun 6, 2008
NW Kent
Klinical x Sydney x Duskee - My Own
Rueben - Apathy
Salo x Chimpo - I Don't Care
GEST - Concentrate
Minor Forms - Concentrate
Visages - Sunshine Mistery
Sam Binga x Foreign Concept - Bamf
Fox x Coco x Toddla T - Rebel Soujah (Sam Binga Remix)
Hyroglifics - Iridescent Fog
Hamdi - Skanka
Emma-Jean Thackray - Movementt
Nubiyan Twist - Morning Light

Demo Reviews
Milicent - Angel Dust
Avanti - Painting Pictures

SOLAH - Everything is Possible
Imanu x The Caracal Project - Neiges
DJ Hybrid - Afterparty Anthem
Settle Down x FD - What Is Real

Turbo Island Discs (Emz)
Future - March Madness

Emz - Mask

Artist Spotlight (Rockwell)
Rockwell x Sam Frank - Childhood Memories
Rockwell - Underpass
Rockwell x Sam Binga x Hyroglifics - ITSOKBHAPP

Levela x Eksman - Zone Out
Atlantic Connection - In Your Eyes
Dj Die - Clear Skyz (1996 VIP)
Workforce - Forever
S.P.Y. - Underpass
Danny Scrilla - Sideways
Coco Byce - Dial M for Myor


Pavey Farms
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Jun 6, 2008
NW Kent
Particle - Drivin' Me Crazy
L Major - Energy
Reuben x PHI NIX - Memories
Bungle - Outta Sight
LFO - LFO (Doctor Jeep NYC Warehouse Mix)
Kusp - 1000%
Noisia - Diplodocus (Skeptical Remix)
Sam Binga x OM Unit - Shut The Window
Harka - Work Ya Body
Sam Binga x Foreign Concept x Niques x Moe - Come Back Around
Two Shell - Home
Elkka - Harmonic Frequencies

Demo Review
Azotix - Tusk

gyrofield - Retinues
Visages x Strategy - Eclipsed
Sam Binga x Foreign Concept - Turns Me
Nia Archives - Luv Like

Turbo Island Discs (Alexisitry)
MoodyMan - Why Do You Feel

Artist Spotlight (Shy Fx)
Shy Fx - Plastic Soul
Shy Fx x T Power x Di - Shake Your Body
Shy Fx vs Sam Binga - Sambaata

Blacklab - Placebo
Entita - Algorithms
Yaano - Lust
Longeez - Hol' Tight
Disrupta x Javeon - Connection
Trakker - Sorry
Jevon Ives x Charli Brix - Head in the Clouds


Pavey Farms
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Jun 6, 2008
NW Kent
Alix Perez - Desanka
Joja - Bounce
Emz x Sir Hiss x Sam Binga - In For The Night (Coco Bryce Remix)
YAANO - Feel You
Gardna - Every Time That I Land
Fracture x Sam Binga - Xtatic
Hyroglifics - Bay City Ballers
Foreign Concept ft Kasra - Show You
Sam Binga ft Redders - AYO
Protect Ryan - DJ Weddings
Peverelist - Roll With The Punches (Henzo's Edit)

Demo Review
Azifm x Scout - Think About Me

Athena - Divine Intervention
Dopplershift - Vibin' (Wingz Remix)
Thread x Phaction - The One
Theon Cross ft Shumba Maasai - Roots
Sam Binga x Foreign Concept - Safe Haven
Turbo Island Discs (Dismantle)
Troubleman - Carambola (Mark Pritchard remix)

Addison Groove - Brand New Drop - Nuff Pedals Remix

Artist Spotlight (Critical Music)
Breakage - Blue Mountain
Dub Phizix x Fox - Never Been
Ivy Lab - Forex

GEST - Reverence
Majid Jordan - Caught Up (Forin Rmx)
Fixate - Window Seat
Dava - Wild Ride
Azotix - Vine Whip
First Touch - So Icey


Pavey Farms
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Jun 6, 2008
NW Kent
Track List:
Chimpo - Rig Doctor
Motiv x Zoe Kypri - Evershifting
Workforce - For What Sustains
Watch The Ride - Out The Gate
Ratpack - Searchin For My Rizla (Pete Cannon rmx)
Gyrofield - Fallen In Deep (Trail Remix)
Fracture x Sam Binga - Advisory
Hyroglifics - Bootycall
Foreign Concept - China Plate
MOE x SNM - BO Peep
Douvelle19 - Show Me

Demo Review
Housty - Ancestor

gyrofield - 24rd
Jon1st & Shield - Distortion ft Strategy
Gardna x DRS - On That
Emz & Sam Binga - Don't Stress

Turbo Island Discs (Slay)
Potter Payper - Nothing's Free

Foreign Concept x Slay x Roxiie Reese - Vibe

Artist Spotlight (Bou)
Bou x Trigga - Veteran
Bou - Envy
Bou x Unglued - Ascendent Man

Imanu x Kucka - It's Our Destiny
Satl - Danzig
Marcus Visionary - Inner City Dance
Cesco - Move Too Slow
Nectax - Voychek
Clarity x Holsten - You Alright


Pavey Farms
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Jun 6, 2008
NW Kent
Decades & Mansa - Gin & Tonic
Workforce ft Leroy Horns - Reintergration
Koffee - Toast (Clipz Remix)
Halogenix x Chimpo - Techy
Jon 1st x Fixate - Step Up
Kouslin & Logan - Bad (KRSLD remix)
Unknown - Bad Boy
Drone x Hyroglifics - Jugtown
Cesco x Sam Binga x Redders - Bring A Friend
Foreign Concept - Snaresbrook
Hypho x Myhtm - Questions

Demo Review
Seijn - Rings of Mars

Lens - Feels Like
Original Sin x Trigga - Chronic
Watch The Ride x Nia Archives - Mash Up The Dance
Trakker - Stabbing Pains

Turbo Island Discs (Meg Critical)
Ivy Lab - Sunday Crunk (Mefjus remix)

Artist Spotlight (Hyroglifics)
Hyroglifics - Bay City Ballers Club
Hyroglifics - South London's Finest

Two Toke - West
Noisia x Halogenix - Wordless
Amoss - Blessy
The Sauce - Get Lost
Bakey - Side by Side
Lucent & Buggsy - Originate (Lucent Flipmode remix)
Dub Phizix - Come On
Tribal Brothers - Pepper


Pavey Farms
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Jun 6, 2008
NW Kent
Disrupta x Drs x Duskee - Waiting To Go
Alix Perez x Verbz - Stayed The Same
James Blake - Overgrown (Settle Down Carnival Mix)
Qua Rush ft Anima - (Are) You For Me
Gardna ft Dynamite & Fox - Light It Up
Soul Mass Transit System - Footcrab
Grove - Feed My Desire
Calibre - Grinch
Cesco x Bakey x Sam Binga - Lights In The Crowd
Buunshin x Idle Days - I'm Okay

Demo Review
Lao Wai - Stress Factory

I.S.K.A - Radiance
Dogger x Tyler Daley - Try Again

Artist Spotlight (King Tubby)
King Tubby - Living Style
King Tubby - Inna Mi Yard
King Tubby - I Trim The Barber

Gardna ft Eva Lazarus - New Beginnings
Alix Perex x Bou x Trigga - Back To Basics
Watch The Ride x Nia Archives - Mash Up the Dance
(Kings of The Rollers remix)
Reknek - Lovejoy
Client 03 - Principal Excitation Conduit
Clipz - Dubplate Mary
Tweakz - 7am
Sir Hiss - Shower Man Time
Gardna ft DRS - R.A.V.E.A.S.A.P
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