Critical Hits - Moving up

it sounded pretty well mixed, but i think its a boring track

you have that airy synth running through the WHOLE thing, there isnt even a breakdown where that thing stops for a second
epic piano line and vocal, quite moby-esque. First listen with that heavy eq on the side chained part it felt like there was something missing frequency wise, but second listen I'm really feeling the vibe, it suits the vocal.
low end sounded a bit muddy, drums could use more punch and the mids dont cut through enough imo.

apart from that, good melodies, good ideas, nice use of the vocal! could be a goooood tune!

big ups and keep at it :)
Agreed with Groelle, The pad has a lot of low end resonance on it, a simple hi pass on it would tame it a bit. I really like the heavy sidchain you've used, and that piano is beautiful. Fatten up them drums, tame the low end on the pad and you got yourself a winner!
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