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Critical Music

Critical Music
Jan 9, 2012
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A dreamteam collaboration to start off Critical’s 2012 season from the hugely lauded Sabre, who returns after a long break since his astonishing debut album of 2010, Stray and Halogenix. The perfect antidote to soothe us out of those January blues, simply gorgeous. ‘Oblique’ kicks off with a delicate but tough break that cuts through the mix as gentle pads wash over the soundscape to a breakdown that oozes class and a deft touch. Smooth keys then drop, light strings and the arrival of a deep soul vocal that carries us through into amidst of aural ear-pleasing. Subtle to the end this is a serious piece of music; reach for yourheadphones and drift away.The trio get a little harder on the flipside with ‘St. Clair’, a track that toys on the tech-step tip for a slice of glitchy D&B naughtiness. A sprinkle of vocal cuts and blip FX joined by some polished bass make for a peak-time floor filler perfect to get any club bouncing. Also included is a truly sumptuous downbeat remix of ‘Oblique’ from Manchester’s Synkro, a name fast becoming synonymous with the very best in bass music. Critical coming on strong as always for the new year. Keep ‘em peeled.

CLICK HERE to pre-order 'Oblique / St Clair' NOW

Full Release 27th Feb 2012

"Its hard to think of a single being perfect but for me Oblique and St Clair combine many of the elements that make drum and bass amazing." - Kasra, Critical Music

"I don't throw the words avant-garde and celestial around lightly but this touches the verynerve of the craft of this music drum and bass; many years from now when we look backthis tune will be a ‘waypoint’ of the times." - Goldie, CEO Metalheadz
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Yes, serious contender for release of the year. Oblique is so emotional, and St. Clair is a naughty little roller. Production is unreal on both.

And that little switch in St. Clair.. omfg!
i thought there was going to be test presses for this? either way i'm still gonna get it...
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