^^what?^^^ ha ha... organiser is big but i have to say although break does the sickest remix's he has been dong quite a lot of them and they are starting not to blend into one but there are just so many of them now you could do a whole hour set just with break remixes probably..

he is a sick producer before anyone tries to gun me down like a true forum fanny
taking the piss or not hmmmm........ i can agree with you i dont htink this tune really needed a remix but i guess it will just turn into a nice little roller when played out, sort of tune that you dont realised its being played untill the next tune gets dropped
you know when your out at a night and a roller comes on like the albi break remix and you dont really pay attention it jsut passes you by if you get what i mean, there are no real stand out parts in it that if i didnt know the tune would make me want to search for the track name etc.
if you mean me mate i said that machete vip could be the release of year jump up wise, hahaha chhill out mate dont try and twist something on a forum go have a nice lil chill out before you start being a forum fanny again
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