Crissy Criss live on 1Xtra now til 5am

would lock in but i dont wanna stay up all night,
i remember last time i listened to a late show and i stayed up and listened to it many bangers
Rather bland and commercial selection

Crissy Criss& Youngman - Give You The World
Original sin- Overfiend
Heist Scrap- Yard dog
Jakes & Xample - Gateskeeper
Clipz- Give It To Me
Nero- Act Like You Know
Original Sin & Taxman - Seen
A.I - Blind Eye
Logistics – Toy town
Lomax - Avon calling
Crissy criss & Youngman - Kick Snare Remix
Fresh - Heavyweight
Drumsound and Simon Bassline - Smith Testament
Heist - Mattress back
Vapour - Paper cuts
Shock One - Polygon
Xample - Lowdown
Dirty Harry - Meat Bubbles
Original Sin - 8 figure bass
Ram Trilogy - Screamer VIP
Interface - Get low
Dillinja – Who You VIP
Taxman & Heist- Demolition Man
Dirtyphonics -Candles
Spor - Aztec
Drumsound & Bassline - Smith Time (remix)
Serum & Bladerunner- Snake Fist
Lomax - Mercia
Electro Soul System - On The Run
Total Science -Never Had A Dream (remix)
Dillinja - Sovereign Melody
Blame - Because Of You (Crissy VIP)
Mutt ft Kevin King - Conversations
Zero T - Why would you
General Degree -Lover (Serum Rmx)
Danny Breaks –Vol 1 (Logistics remix)
Lennie De Ice - We Are (DJ Vapour rmx)
Dirty Harry - Fools
Taxman and Original Sin - 97 style
Heist - meat shield
Hazard - Killers Dont Die
Original Sin - Dont be silly
Heist - Play It Again
BCee - Consmed (Logistics Rmx)
Marky & Spy - Tapestry
Netsky - Young & Foolish
Crystal Clear - Kings of stars
Netsky - The Power Of Sound

1xtra Drum & Bass Number 1
Logistics - Jungle

Grafix - Panorama
Scorpio- Trouble
Bik & Seeka- Let the music
Mampi Swift- Hi tek
Distorted minds & Dirty Harry - Hobass VIP
Heist – Barney Rubble
Heist & taxman - Iced
Drumsound & Bassline - Can You Feel It
Original Sin - Trinity
Crissy Criss & Youngman - Push it out
Kilo- Let It Flow
State Of Mind - Flawless (Sigma remix)
Omni Trio- Renegade Snares (Bladerunner rmx)
Marky & Bungle - Tears (Remix)
Sigma - Nexus
Drumsound & Bassline - Harder Faster
Distorted Minds & Dirty Harry - Mr Happy
Dirty Harry - Wait For It
Jakes & TC - Swerve
Marky & Makoto - Without you
Squash - My Show (Crissy VIP)
Freelander - Under control (TC remix)
Dirty Harry - Big Cat
Culture Shock - Imax
Stretch & Vern- I’m alive (Mr Mess & BCee Rmx)
Redeyes- Let It Shine
Grooverider - Charade
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