Crissy Criss (ft Ruffstuff) @ BBC 1Xtra, 04-08-2011


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DJ Ruffstuff is in the studio for a chat and to drop a dancefloor smashing guest mix. Plus Crissy gives you his Ace Of Clubs track and brand new music from the likes of Furlonge, Prolix, Dave Owen, Camo & Krooked and more!
only the ruffstuff mix -

TC — Dont Play
Camo & Krooked — In The Future Ft Jenna G
Ms. Dynamite Ms. Dynamite — Neva Soft (Nu:tone Remix)
Loadstar — Hit The Ground
Prolix — Visulize
Furlonge — Reach Out

Crissy’s Ace Of Clubs
Loadstar — Berlin

Konichi — Grande
Taxman — Thr33
Renegade — Deep Within

Ruffstuff In The Building!
Ruffstuff & Jayline — Sholin Punk
Ruffstuff & Jayline — Radium Rays

Ruffstuff Guest Mix
Krome & Time — The Licence (Serial Killaz Remix)
Subzero — Below Freezing
Tayza — Firefist
Majistrate & Pleasure — No Way Out
[dialogue] — Do It Again
Turno — Dreams VIP
Jayline — Nebulla VIP
[dialogue] — Hold Your Arms
Origin & Profile — Killer
Majistrate & Sly — Trust A Soul
Jaydan & Subzero — Weakness
Dillinja — So Hard
Pleasure — D Day VIP
Ruffstuff & Jayline — Radium Rays VIP

Callide — The Gun Man
Crystal Clear & Stapleton — Levels (Harry Shotta VIP)
Camo & Krooked — Make The Call Ft. TC (D&B Mix)
The Prototypes — Born To Rise
Agent Alvin — This Feeling
Delta Heavy — Minus
The Prototypes — The Future
Telekinesis — Alienated
Shimon — Shadow Knows (Dirtyphonics Remix)
Nero Nero — New Life (Second Reality)
The Function — Detonate
Silent Code — Engage
[unknown] — Untitled
Serial Killaz — Walk & Skank (Northern Lights Remix)
Serial Killaz — Send Dem

Mellow Down Mix
Marco del Horno — This Town Is Ours (Spy Remix)
Neos — Sirens
Grafix — One Day
Dave Owen — Subtle Groove
Dave Owen — Sunny San Juan
Command Strange — Sweetest Goodbye
Friction — Someone
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