Crissy Criss @ 1Xtra Brand new tracks special 09/09/2009

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Jul 23, 2007
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Crissy Criss @ 1Xtra Brand new tracks special 09/09/2008

Crissy showcasing brand new tracks from the Chase & Status album, 3 from new producer Fourward, Brookes Brothers, Heist + LOADS MORE ¬¬

Utah Jazz – Back in time (Liquid V)
Johnny Hooves – Double or Nothing (Obessions)
Logistics – Cosmonaut (Hosptial)
Chase&Status – Is it worth it (Ram)
Phetsta & ShockOne – The Sun
Fourward – Eyelash
Fourward – Robot
Fourward – Stick to the rules
Chase&Status – Streetlife ft. Takura – Ram
NW2 – Operation (Roots Recs)
Chase&Status – Smash TV (Ram)
Jayline – More than Heavy
Soul Intent – Untitled Jazz (Heist Rmx) (Mac II)
Crissy Criss – Feelin Shower Today
Rolls – Black Poison
Soulpride – Mysterious & Dangerous
Rawtee – Zoanoid
Rawtee – Biscayne Boulevard
Heist – Try to repair
Chase&Status – Against all odds ft. Kano (Ram)
DBR & Kryteria – Cosa Nostra
DJ Madd – Dancers Riddim
Mikal – Experience
Zero T – Essential Inch
Heist – Imparla (Co Lab)
Calculon – Labour of Love (Ammunition Recs)
DBR & Lyndon – Positive Vibes
Jazz Theves – Midnight Hour (Submorphics) (Push Wax)
The Burbs – Spin
Nusence – Integra (Future Thinkin)
Utah Jazz – La Cinta
Wooble T – Love Childs
Mutt – When you said
Notion – Love so sweet
Brookes Bothers – Tear Down (Breakbeat Kaos)
Utah Jazz – Funkless Life ft. Soulmatic
Nosia – Diplodocus

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