Criminal Waves promo mix by Redrum (Sota Tera radio show)


Criminal Waves promo mix by Redrum, played at the radio show Sota Tera in Barcelona, 08/02/2011:

Every tuesday at 6pm (GMT) Tune in:

1. EBK: Mud (Dispatch Recordings)
2. RAIDEN & METH: The Bob Nudd Project (Backlash Records)
3. PSIDREAM: Got Me Down (Uprising Records)
4. AXIOM: Fallout (Disturbed Recordings)
5. ZERO METHOD: External (Fall Out)
6. PIXEL FIST (AUDIO RMX): Horrible (Rocstar)
7. RECEPTOR & ENGAGE: Wi-Fi Waves (Algorythm)
8. SURVIVAL: High (Dispatch Recordings)
9. PAPERCLIP: Cruel Outline (Paperfunk Recordings)
10. MINDSCAPE & MUNK: Into The Night (Subtitles)
11. CURRENT VALUE: Twisted VIP (Algorythm)
12. FLAME: Blockade (Mechabyte)
13. NO RULES: Demon House (Criminal Waves)
14. BTK: Silently Among Us (Freak Recordings)
15. TASK HORIZON: Cannibal Creepers (Black Reign)
16. INSIDE INFO: Shoulder Cannon (Trust In Music)
17. BLADE RUNNER: Back To The Jungle VIP (Critical)
18. BLACK SUN EMPIRE: Stasis (Citrus)
19. CAUSE 4 CONCERN: Amnesiac (C4C)
20. KAOS EVEN: The Dark City (Criminal Waves)
21. IMPLANT: Crystal (Melting Pot Records)
22. IMPRINTZ & KLOE: Stinking In The Earth (Black Reign)
23. DIRTY DEEDS: Captain Planet VIP (Digital Terror)

Length: 1:06:21 Size: 160MB 320kbps

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