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    CREW CONNECTION is a collaboration of Belgian and Dutch d&b crews.
    Each of them are gonna host every week a radio shows of 2 hours.
    On Wednesday and Saturday there are 2 shows from 18h till 22h (18h-20h/20h-22h) and
    one Sunday from 17h till 21h (17h-19h/19h-21h) GTM+1.
    Please >>> TUNE IN HERE <<<
    and check out the forum here :

    wednesday 3 nov (18u-20u)(20-22)
    Hosted by:

    saturday 6 nov
    Hosted by: sub-junkz (18u-20u) & dainjah.kru (20-22)

    sunday 7 nov (17u-19u)(19-21)
    Hosted by:gaz::mazk

    wednesday 10 nov (18u-20u)(20-22)
    Hosted by:boombasstiqcru

    saturday 13 nov (18u-20u)(20-22)
    Hosted by:stardust-kru

    sunday 14 nov (17u-19u)
    Hosted by: guerilla (17-19)
    Hosted by: ADDICTED KRU (19-21)

    wednseday 17 nov (18u-20u)(20-22)
    Hosted by:

    saturday 20 nov (18u-20u)(20-22)
    Hosted by: guerilla (20-22)

    sunday 21 nov (17u-19u)(19-21)
    Hosted by:dainjah.kru

    wednesday24 nov (20-22)
    Hosted by:sub-junkz(18u-20u) &

    saturday 27 nov (20-22)
    Hosted by:boombasstiqcru (18u-20u) &

    sunday 28 nov (17u-19u)(19-21)
    Hosted by:stardust-kru