Creepy Crawlies (Deep/Dark)

I feel like more could be done in the intro could use some more happening in it, or something more interesting. Overall, the tune sounds pretty well produced but it's just really boring right now. There's limited variation and then some parts, like 1:00-1:06 where you have that break playing, that just don't sound that good. I'd suggest just playing that sample one time (instead of 4) at the very end of the phrase. And at 1:15-1:17 maybe use a quick reverse crash/riser to snap back into the drums. Right now it sounds like you just accidentally cut out part of it.

Overall, it doesn't sound bad (I do know it is a WIP so I can't comment on much), but right now it sounds uninspired. Try getting something in there to make it unique, and a slight bit more of variation for the drop or try to make that bass phrase you have playing sound more raw to merit repeating it a lot (Swag by DC Breaks is good example; it's repetitive but the sound design allows it to be repetitive because the bass phrase sounds raw as fuck). Keep updating as you go along, the track has some potential if you fuck around with it more.