Creeping Dub-Heist&Studio12/Compton-TC&Distorted Minds..AVAILABLE NOW!!


Heist & Studio 12s Creeping Dub has been eagerly awaited for good reason, a generously deep rumbling bassline and soulful lyrics make it ideal for any discerning music lover!!

Compton by TC & Distorted Minds is a funky little number with a rolling bassline and catchy melody! A perfect addition to the soundboy repertoire that you shouldn't be without!

BOTH these tunes are AVAILABLE NOW for download in high quality 320kbps mp3 format from!!! They are still a while away from general release and still a few weeks from promo-ing! Get 'em FIRST!!

And don't forget the Digital Soundboy Podcast, live and working, soon to be uploaded with a new delight for you all! Just whetting ur appetites u see!