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Nov 17, 2014
I have been speaking to one of my friends who is an artist and he is doing an exercise which would apply well to music. It's called quotations and it works like so:
- We assemble a group of 5-10 producers
- Each writes a short passage about their philosophy, there influences, creative process (methodology), style and what feelings they wish to create in the listener.
- Based on this each producer writes a track with the above in mind.
- We then pair off and swap our piece of writing and tracks and then each member of the pair try to create a piece of music based on the style of that producer and using as best possible their creative process and adopting their philosophy. When both producers have competed the track they swap work and crit each others work.
- Partners are then swapped and the process repeated until everyone in the group has carried out the above exercise.
- At the end I will create a Soundcloud account for all the works to be uploaded and as a group we can crit each others work and share our experiences as a whole.
t's called quotations. Please see the document attached which explains it and contains my friends blurb relating to his art.

In terms of the legal side obviously each work created will remain the property of the writer regardless if it is a result of trying to imitate another artists style.
It is down to each individual how they share their work with their partner, and I guess this can be agreed between pairs. At the very least you will need to be able to stream ideally a full track, however if you guys wish to send each other DAW project files, MP3 or audio files it is your decisions as individuals.

I suggest a timeline of 5 days for each partner, and whatever you've put together by that deadline you must submit. This is so the process does not take forever and so that people can switch partners.
If you want to meet in person were practical then all the better however I expect most of us will have to communicate and share online.

This should be a really good exercise from a creative point of view, exposure point of view as we will all listen and crit each others work and a good way for us to all network.

If you want to take part PM me or reply to this thread. Once I have between 6-10 interested parties, I will draw up a schedule and send it to each party and the work can begin.

Look forward to working with some of you and hopefully I'll get enough people interested to make it worthwhile for all involved.

BTW I have 3 people already interested from another board so if you want to get involved please get back to by this coming Friday. Peace



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Apr 3, 2012
This looks very interesting. Haven't yet looked at it. Guys, we do it?
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Aug 13, 2013
I'd like to, but I wouldn't be able to do anything in 5 days. Gimme a month or so, like the remix compo.
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Nov 17, 2014
I'd like to, but I wouldn't be able to do anything in 5 days. Gimme a month or so, like the remix compo.

You don't have to post finished tracks, just ideas. If you don't want your stuff to go up on Soundcloud at the end then that's fine. Sounds like it maybe a good way for you to work quicker! LOL

I have three people in and two maybes, next Friday I will be bringing it to a close. I'd like 10 people and a minimum of six, if there are more than 10 then that's fine.

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I was thinking about approaching a few people like beatport, recording studios, labels etc to see if they may throw in some prizes, as we could all vote for the best track or idea. I'll keep you all posted.
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