Creation of the Intro


Jul 10, 2013
Hello, I would like to know what is your approach in the creation of the intro.
I always find this step very laborious and too many times I lose the focus about the central idea of the track.

What is your suggestion/tips/trick? How do you create tension in the intro and set the atmosphere that is connected with the main part?

Thanks to whom will reply.
I watched a Signal tutorial the other day that gave me loads of inspiration for arranging intros / breakdowns


The philosophy was kind of to match elements from your main parts with more atmospheric stuff like swapping bass for arps and pads and then add plenty of white noise and reverb effects.

I'm trying to improve my intro's at the moment and I'm just listening to artists like Ivy Lab and picking out all the elements that make up their intro's, lots of foleys and field recordings, pads, white noisey-swishy sounds, risers / downrisers, low pass / high pass filtering, reverb, delay.

Just layers upon layers that are well composed and arranged that make their tracks sound really full. Spend time on it and pick your sounds out carefully.
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