Crazy ebay deals


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Jan 3, 2005
Amazing deals on ebay we have just put up

Make us an offer! 7kg horizons music box

We are also now selling other label releases through ebay, we open with a huge set of incredible lots...

CD joblot - 50 cds!!!!!

Other label vinyl joblots

liquid v recordings - featuring AI! Invaderz!

chronic - banging dillinja and lemon d vinyls!

full cycle - featuring roni size! die! ed rush optical!

cylon (rare!) - my favourite from all! data - kyushotsu - super rare ep!

sumo - 2 really naughty 12s, heist in form!

spearhead - quality controlled liquid!

ganja - mampi swift! hazard! potential batboy!

reinforced featuring super rare enforcers 15/16 picture disc - ulterior motive track!

general dnb joblot 35 records

viper - huge label, and this is a quality pack to add to your collection!
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does ebay take card these days?

or is it still paypal?

def want to invest in some vinyl..


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Aug 29, 2011
The one that says data in red on black in the first one is definitely not mint.
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