DnB Crash&Kapture - Dignity C4C

really good track...nice work. Like what you have one with the vocal, but I would suggest that you let the track roll a bit without the vocals...but hey this is acool track.
thx for sharing
Honestly this is the best song I've heard on the forum as of yet. Big ups, can't even think of any point of improvement.
I'd defenitely listen to it, makes me think of "This Is Drum & Bass" from Hospital Records.

If I were you I'd send it out to some labels, imo you have a really good chance of getting an official release with this.
Agree with Nucleoid on that.. Just seen its a free download, so naturally i've just nabbed it :D (thanks for that) But i'd def take that off of free download and send it to some of the big players, as that has real potential man
Wow thanks for all the amazing comments guys haha! Totally unexpected love for this track so it means a lot :)

As for the release thing, as much as I'd love to get this out to way more people I'd rather leave it self-released and most importantly free!
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