cozi the end of stream - AFXxBALLSYOTHERS

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    cozi the end of stream - AFXxBALLSYOTHERS @Meow!!! Vol.2 Tokyo 24th May 2008

    it's an idm/breakcore set made by cozi the end of stream.
    all part of the set is made from mashups and remixes.

    aphex twin - blue calx
    enduser - the catalyst (dj hidden remix)
    aphex twin - xtal
    aphex twin - bucephalus bouncing ball
    raxyor - tyro nouveau
    aphex twin - flim
    dev/null - hiphop2
    cardpusher - imbecil
    ebola - girlfriend trouble
    rotator - ouh ahh, fucking more!
    squarepusher - hello meow
    sickboy - the differ
    terminal11 - clex3
    black lung - humint
    displacer - half life
    aphex twin - icct hedral (philip glass orchestration)
    xanopticon - pscicite
    aphex twin - ventolin (marazavose mix edit)
    blaerg - seraphim incubi
    aphex twin - come on you slags
    sim on kor funkle - omruraed wobae
    epsilon - no try
    blaerg - sesquipedalia
    gridlock - re module
    terminal11 - reausez
    gridlock - distance
    drop the lime - e-lock
    afx - crying in your face
    squarepusher - journey to reedham (cozi condenced mix edit)