couple questions with jump up wobbles in massive

hey guys, i know i used to ask about sounds for maelstrom but now for christmas i got massive. It has been great so far for what i've been making which is dubstep but now im getting back into the groove of using massive for jump up. Whenever im using massive to make wobbles it seems to robotic and really different to jump up dnb like pleasure or yatz or original sin. For some reason in jump up tunes a lot of basslines seem more grainier to me than dubstep basslines like theirs something about jump up synths that give it a grainier type of feel. Are producers adding a saw wave lowered or something to give it buzz or what. also another question is and probably been answered is these type of synth sounds in jump up that's almost high pitched.

Prime example: at :44

another question is in some songs it sounds like their wobbling but its not fully coming out. Is this cause of how much they let the filter open or the amp on the lfo?

that is all i can think to ask right now if i have anymore ill come here to ask. you guys seem to help more than anyone but please help cause im getting stumped using massive.
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Its more aboutthe FX chain... Distortion, saturation, bit crusher etc grime things up (y)

I find squares do nicely for the grimier bass, and a saw wave fir the higher screech stuff