couple of requests


*what you'd probably call Andy C's signature mix, has a jungly beat, oldish (I think) and has a vocal that goes "pick me up" (or something similar)

*I think this one is a TC tune, sounds similar to Lets Go, has a vocal at the beginning that goes "TC, TC"

*bit of a gamble this one, oldish jump up tune, has a vocal that goes "smoke weeeeeed" at the end of the bar

any help would be awesome. while I'm on the subject - has anyone used that Schazm service (2580)? Its quality and it actually works!! Identified loads of tunes that I've been after eg Tubby T "Ready She Ready" and that "Living in Darkness" tune. It doesn't recognize eeverything but it doesn't charge if it doesn't recognize the tune. I recommend it!!