Couple of questions!!

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    Sup everyone,
    I just bought two TT1600 on ebay for 150$ that where 3 months old and I would like to know your input. Im a beginner. Will I expect to have to get new decks after 6 months or a year?

    Also, if I keep my mixer, do you think it will be compatible if I buy other decks...lets say stanton or technics?

    And lastly, I bought a 1000W amp/preamp for my two speakers. Does it matter if its a preamp? and what settings should I leave it at so that I can do all my adjustments with my mixer.

    I probably sound foolish asking all the questions, but I've been producing DnB for a while and I would like to taste what its like DJing some records.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Depends on how much you work the decks. They're belt driver so they won't take a battering.

    Your mixer will be compatible with new decks. All decks and mixers are connected by the same cables.

    I don't know about your amp. If its working, its working. You need to have a level high enough that you're not going into the red on the mixer - coz you'll get distortion. Same with going into the red on the amp.