couple of questions, mixer + cdj


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Nov 16, 2008
looking for a bit of advice/reccomendations.

at the moment iv got an allen and heath xone 22, but i want to move up to a 3 channel mixer, are the xone 32's any good? going to be getting one second hand, and also a cdj, is something like a numark axis 9 going to keep me happy? its only for bedroom use, something that works without breaking the bank, or theres the option of getting a pioneer on finance. advice please thanks


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Jan 19, 2011
Derby, UK
Well allen & heath make top notch stuff so if youre already on one I wouldnt recommend downgrading.

I was having the same dilemma a little while back, it was a toss up between Xone 32 and NUO 3.0. I found a nuo on the cheap through ebay. Beautiful mixer, the EQ's are a bit different though and theres no filter effects.

Bottom line, go with your gut.
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