Couple of Questions - 95/96/97 era


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Dec 4, 2010
Hi there all, I'm new to this site, but have just re-established my love for "old Skool" jungle.

I've noticed more and more of the old skool sets from AWOL, Dreamscape, One in the jungle Radio 1 show, one nation etc etc are appearing in good quality on youtube, DnB forums, downloads - which is great.

Firstly I'm looking for a Jungle track from around 1996/97 which sampled Nina Simone's "Feeling good" - It's a new dawn its a new day it's a new life for me.....It appeared on a one in the jungle Radio 1 show. I had it taped, but no longer have.

Secondly, Dj Hype's set which featured him sampling Ice Cube and WC - West side connection "West Up" Front back side to side....from around the 1996 era. I'm not sure what show/rave this was from - sorry??? any idea??

Finally, Nicky Blackmarket sampling "under mi Sensi" Barrington Levy - and "The things they do" - not sure what year or what show/rave??? Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated



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Nov 22, 2010
I actually have or at least at one point 'had' that nina simone on vinyl.
If you're genuinely desperate for it and someone doesn't beat me to it, and I actually still have it... then once it's ripped from vinyl (it's long) I'll let you know the title and all that bollocks. I think it might actually be a late '95 one that one.

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Mar 24, 2008
ashford kent
the last one is probably on congo natty records, tribal natty its called audio aint that great but should give you an idea lol

the first one is the x new dawn it was something to do with marcus intelex and theres 2 versions the first iis a real jump up type and 2nd is the more well known one both these came out on jump up records first version st files rmx


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Jun 6, 2008
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The Nina Simone the is called "New Dawn" by The X.
If you want it look for a CD called "Pure Rollers" V/A, it's on there.

Is this the one? Says it's a remix - is that the tune?

1. World Of Music (Apollo 13 Remix) - Dred Bass
2. Check Dis - De Elite
3. New Dawn (Remix) - The X
4. Roll That Shit - Marvellous Cain
5. Roll On - Andy C
6. Just Roll (VIP Remix) - Swift
7. 16 Track Ting (Remix) - Dream Team
8. Easy Dread - Serious Intent
9. Super Bad - Bonafide
10. Take Away - Joint Venture
11. Rolling Number (VIP Mix) - Dynamic Duo
12. Tonics Jazz Lick - Joker
13. The Ride (Rollers Mix) - Dynamic Duo
14. Remember Me? (From The Bronx) - Benny Blanco
15. The Shit - L Double & Shy FX
16. Raw Dogs - Joker
17. Yea - Paul Z
18. Let's Roll - Darkman
19. On The Beat - Swift
20. P-Funk Era - P-Funk

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Jul 13, 2008
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Yeah, that's the tune. I'm a bit of a trainspotter and I've not heard any other versions.

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I've got the double cd album and the tracks are not mixed?!?! Was the Andy C mix what you got if you bought the cassette album?


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Jan 14, 2011
To Mack 10

The DJ Hype set you are on about is from a desire night, I think it was Star trek themed
Anyway I've got that set in mp3 format.
Get in touch with me and I might just be able to sort you out with the set or the entire tape pack if you want it.


Dj Mark Track
Jul 13, 2008
Milton Keynes
Ah yes, I went to that rave, it was at the Island in Ilford, used to be a wicked club.
With the Star Trek theme they did the stage up like the bridge from the star ship enterprise, It was amazing, I would love to get the sets from this, from memory Dj Rap played the set of the night.
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