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Sep 17, 2010
rolling deep is chilling some good vibes from it..
my only thought is to have a lil more variation or progression throughout the song, i know there's the flute/mute trumpet? harp-like thing and some vocals but maybe something a lil different to keep the listeners attention.

although tbh if u made it with the intention of getting zoned out by it, then it worked on me lol...end part is pretty nice and jungly aswell.

@uptothesky - id say probably exactly the same as i did for the 1st one...reaal smooth tune mate..i feel zoned out n im not on anything lol.


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Nov 16, 2008
i like em man, iv downloaded all of ur previous tracks listen to them regularly, really do the chilled ambient rollers well, bermuda is the one though,!

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Dec 24, 2007
Rolling deep: Real nice relaxation music, that pad is a killer for zoning you right out - but who said DnB ain't something to be loved? Bass is good but I think a longer attack in the beginning would of made it that much more rolling. But the ending bass is much more jungly and catches your attention! ;D

Uptothesky: You and your pads mate, they're something i'd play to head to bed haha, somein' you'd jus close your eyes to n drift away. Nice tune mate, being as I jus woke up I was drifting off unknowingly. Good on yah, yeah.

Keep it up.
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