Coupla choon snips by the Free Agent


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Jul 26, 2002
San Francisco, CA
Here's one:


and here's another:

Porto Vino

The first is a trancey hard epic, about 9:30 long. Lots of bassline changeups and synthy trickz. No vox. I completed this to play on the big sound system in town, but everything got fu*ked up, so it still hasn't been tested propa. Still needs a little EQ on the low-end, but that'll rinse in mastering.

The second is a lighter one where I ripped off the "Cameras Ready, Prepare to Flash" vox sample from that old Green Velvet House classic (which is still good, heard it the other nite!). Slow attacking horns, a live-played and re-edited bassline, bongos, that pitched organ stab, and bashing drums, until the breakdown with the accoustic bass and jazz flare.

This last part is sorta :spam: so anyway:

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