Could anyone help me make this sound? :) (Skream)


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May 15, 2011
Howdy all,

There is a Skream sound I really like :) I am trying to learn synthesis but it is still early days, far from being able to work out sounds!

You will all know the sound. You can hear it in 0800 Dub:

And of course one of Skream's most popular tunes! Midnight Request Line:

Using Massive by the way :)

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man he used the same lead basically.

I'm not to sure on how but try detune some saws or squares or even triangles, add reverb ,delay , maybe some chorus or dimension expander add some filters and see what you can get
He did indeed! Pretty cheeky boy that Skream :P

Cheers man, will give it a go tomorrow when I next have a blast with some stuff :)
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