Cosmic Chords - new D&B mix available now!

What's up guys. I've recently uploaded my new D&B mix on SoundCloud.

Now, for some odd reason the system will not allow me to post a SoundCloud link on here (post denied). Really don't get why, because I see plenty of other recent threads in this Mixes section that have links to SoundCloud. Anybody else getting this problem? Any suggestions why this is happening?

However, in the meantime I will not be beaten! You can check out the mix via my Facebook artist page - the link to the mix is in the very last post there

The link to the tracklisting is included in the notes below the track itself on the SoundCloud page.

Also you will find my earlier mixes in other styles also (including Trance/Progressive) on the my main SC profile page.

Please enjoy, leave feedback if you can and maybe even support with Like/Follow :)

Take it easy.