Corinthian Recordings Update

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    Currently we have 15 releases available. Tunes can be purchased from our Website or Myspace. Here is a release chart.


    Axi – Receptor [cor001]
    Lettuce – Alone [cor002]
    Luna Light – 1912 [cor003]
    DJ G-I-S – Hypercube (Monoface Remix) [cor004]
    Asylum & Thesis – End Process (Lettuce Remix) [cor005]


    Axi – Bring it Back 2006 [cor006]
    Identity – Trancedental [cor007]
    Asylum & Thesis – Disconnected (Axi 2006 Remix) [cor008]
    Lettuce – Wednesday [cor009]
    Asylum & Thesis – Hollow Bastion [cor010]


    Lettuce – Spacefunk [cor011]
    2sense & Kaotic Grace – Bowl Scraper [cor012]
    Cannon Boyz – Heat [cor013]
    Zero – Lessons in Love [cor014]
    Custom Soldierz – Echo Sword [cor015]

    Tracks are $1.49. Payments accepted by Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, & Discover. You do NOT have to register to purchase. All tracks are 320 MP3s. Audio clips are available on Myspace. We have a lot in the works for 2007, more info later this week.