Core Fm Pembrokeshire DRUM AND BASS SHOW

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    Drum and Bass/Jungle on Core FM ( Pembrokeshire ) This week with myself Riot Starter
    With nothing but Drum & Bass for the first hour,
    I shall be Bringing a 360 look at what is fresh and upfront.


    A Ragga Jungle show case....
    featuring a Half hour Guest Mix from Kaotik's Little Monster
    ( Jungle Rude Girl ) For all of you that are familiar, U knows this Dj smashes the decks Everytime she plays.

    Week in week out, we will bring a talk-over show with DnB/Jungle tracks from past to present. Every sub-genre will be played... Guest mixes, interviews, exclusives, track of the week & more.. If you've got something to promote (tracks, mixes, projects, events etc) &/or you want to get involved in some way, then fire an e-mail to" and i will get back to you a.s.a.p..