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Feb 5, 2011
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This is my first mix posted on dnbforum. Bin mixin for just over 2 yrs now on technics 1210s and a xone 22. Wanted to go for a nice smooth mix with a variation of tunes. Hope you all enjoy and all feedback will be appreciated
Dark days - Alix Perez
Voyager - Phobia
DJ friendly unit shifter - Rockwell
Murderation - Logistics
Floating zero - Noisa & Phace
Thrust - Calibre
Dont Look Down - Break ft. Calyx & Teebee
Space Between - Apex
Martyr - Break ft. Spectraoul
>> Bittersweet - Lenzman
Voyager - MAkoto & T-Ak
Menacing Ways - Alix Perez
Clean Break - Phobia
Organiser - Spectrasoul
Vintage - Phace
All Thats Left - Break
Loose Ends - ALix Perez & Nosia
Mimic - Spectrasoul
Stop It - Spor
Round the corner remix - Ldn Elektricity
>> never together - Nu:Tone
man the weather - Dose & Blackplanet
between two worlds - Telmo A
split level - Utah Jazz
96 - Logistics

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Oct 10, 2010
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nice! managed to have a listen, so heres my feedback!

dark days >> voyager (y) good clean opening
generally enjoyed the opening 8 mixes up to Space Between, all were very clean and kept me attentive.

martyr >> bittersweet - good! heard a small touch of the vinyl but nothing major.
>>voyager - ok. thought martyr could have been a bit louder maybe?

menacing ways >> clean break - banging!
>>organizer - thought organizer may have overpowered clean break a bit, still tight as fuck tho. :D
>> Vintage -(y)

loose ends >> mimic - also very good. eq's are (y)
>>stoppit - sounded a bit off key. still tight though.

round the corner >> never together - ok!
>> man the weather - very well eq'd. proper rolling
>> between two worlds - rolling.
>> split level - nice
>> 96 - was ok. nicely dropped in

There was also a small split mix of Nu-Tone - System at the end of the mix.

very tight throughout, only very few times you touched the vinyl and nothing major.
selection was good, varied from deep to liquid which I enjoyed.

very good! look forward to your next one!

Cheers for the feedback on my mix mate
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