Controller - January Mixtapes


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Jan 11, 2008
Hemel Hempstead

As i won't be doing a mix for Febuary, im doing a couple of mixes for you this month.

Part 1 Tracklist

Commix – How You Gonna Feel
AI – Days Of Rage
Friction & K Tee – Untitled Blues
Nu:Logic – Trademark
Mosus & SPY – Dreamworld (D Bridge Remix)
Spectrasoul - Alibi
Survival – Daylight
Tiki – Always On My Mind (Zero T & Mosus Remix)
Nu:Tone – Beatnik
Zero Tolerance – Refusal (calibre remix)
Jonny L – Oh Yeah
High Contrast – Ghost of Jungle Past
Break – Last Chance
Breakage – Out Of Reach

Click the picture at the top of the post for download link.

40 mins of new, old and classic liquid beats.


Part 2 Tracklist

Concord Dawn – Morning Light (Klute Remix)
>> Commix – Strictly
Resound – Second Thoughts
Break – Is This What You Want
Spectrasoul – The Tube
Phace – Cold Champagne
Proxima – Layers
Mindscape & Hydro - Skid Row
Icicle – Infectious Funk
Break – The Truth
Spor – Stop It
Break – Run Off
Noisia – Concussion
Break – Submerged (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
Prolix Ft Nocturnal – Bad Blood
>> Commix – Satellite Type 2
Dose – Valium Express
Metrik – Technicolour
Lomax – Artisan
Icicle – Minus
Spectrasoul – Dark Hour
Break – Hooked Up
Xample Ft Lomax - Contra

Bit longer, 51 mins.

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Aug 14, 2007
BIG up Controller. This is my sort of mix :)

nice to see one thats not all Fart Step n shit haha


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Mar 4, 2008
will do man

i cant find my copy of "how u gonna feel" :(

I remember working it was november 07 ,, and i had that hype cd, i used to play that tune none stop for fucking months..

such a nice track
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