Continental Sunset - Lenzman, Riya, Technimatic, SPY, Mark System, Anile

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    This summer I rowed across the Atlantic with a friend from New York to Salcombe, Devon. I spent 93 days at sea and we've nearly raised £100,000 for the Brain Tumour Charity. Along the way I listened to a lot of drum and bass that kept me going, here's the first of three mixes showcasing my most favourite tracks from the trip. This mix represents the early evening night shift, sun setting over flat calm water on the continental shelf. Hope you enjoy the journey.

    Hold Ya (feat. Whiney) – Keeno
    Le Tricolore – Chromatic & J Daure
    Empty Promise – Lenzman
    Cold Harsh Air (feat. Total Science & Grimm) – S.P.Y
    Rainfall – Mark System
    Affinity – Phil Tangent
    Always – Spectrasoul
    Music Is Music – Technimatic
    Time Like Mine – Anile
    Walk the Same Lines (feat. Riya) – Total Science
    Waiting for a Meaningful Title – Mark System
    What You Had (Lenzman Remix) [feat. Steo] – Artificial Intelligence
    Rotary Motion – Technimatic
    Waiting On (feat. Riya) – Tokyo Prose
    Turn Up The Music – Camo & Krooked
    The View Ft LSB & Tyler Daley – DRS
    Treading Water (Lenzman Remix) – Alex Clare
    Captured In Time - BCee
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    Just checked out your mix, you've got a nice track selection here. I glad you used DnB to help you through your journey!
    Some friendly feedback for the next mixes in your series:
    I thought some of the mixes we're quite abrubt / not blended for a liquid roller, Perhaps it's your style though.
    Also I'm not a fan of doubling vocals up like that, even though you can follow both I just think it takes away from the tracks rather than adding.
    Keep an eye on you gains and EQ. For ex: The View is too quiet.