Connected - Glorafin [DNB with persian twist]


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Apr 20, 2009
Hello everyone!

This is a pretty fast drum'n'bass track, with samples from Lisa Gerrard's track of the same name. Hope you enjoy!

Nice production, crisp sounds and your idea is fresh as hell. Bit too maximal tho, you could easily lose some of the action in there, maybe somehow transfer it to that tune of mine that was lacking heh!

The synth sounds take me back, reminds me of a particular Junkie XL track from some need for speed game on PSX. I still call this kind of synth play "car game dnb".
damn really nice tune.

i also find it a bit 2 maximal, but thats a matter of taste.
besides, there's nothing i could complain about.

looking forward 2 hearing more of your productions. do you have a site with some more of your tracks?

cheers :)
Thanks for the feedback! :)

"do you have a site with some more of your tracks?"

My older tracks are mostly trance/house.
build is kool...

Drop in is pretty nice too, tho lacking in power a tiny bit

vocal is sick, little bit loud though

got some real nice elements in there man, synth work is very nice

Drums need more weight tho, kick n snare are pretty laid back in the mix

Well written bro definately, mixdown just needs a bit mroe work

Good stuff! :)
yeah i think what zeal said hit the nail on the head mate altho i think the vox go's on for a bit to long its a sick vocal i wouldn't rinse it that much, all the ideas are there man its not that theres to much going on its just there a bit all over the place, but get the mix sorted and your on to a winner!

Good Work!
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