connecta - TheSoul

havn a listen now mate

ffffffffffffukkkkkkkk man wat a tune,vocals are sick man and the drop is bad ass. nice work mate

maybe check a little number of mine that me and a mate have started on - the post is called
my first tune, done diddly doodily
nice tune im diggin the femal vocals, Im not sure
but it sounds like shes singing that willy wonka Imagination song? the drums sound a bit dostorted
but thats probably due to mp3 conversion.
It has a nice feel to it, Over all good work.
Hi genetic!
whos willy wonka? :monkey:
thats mariah,but pscht ;)
u mean the drums in the intro or the drums in middle?
yah may be that its the quallity on 132kpbs...
thx for yer listen :rslayer:
Man, I fookin hate Mariah with her Dolphin-wailin voice!! Good job this tune is a ripper then! :who_wants

Only listened on built-in speakers on my mac, so cant comment on levels/eq/etc, but very, very impressive! Drumage an bass melody are top notch.

Any chance of a higher quality version to wack in a mix? Ive been getting a load of un-signed tunes together an this would definitly get a feature!
PM me or something.
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